Ahad, 17 Mei 2015

My Day (know me? not. you not)

I wake up in the morning. with hope. hope that my day will be bright and warm as sun. because I want to spread love. love is treasure that I cannot keep it by myself. I just wonder if anyone need it such as I willing to give it?

my day,
it is just simple day. simple such as my life. I dislike to bring any conflict. I hate problems. but for real, it is still happen. I don't know how to stop it. they said that I not realistic at all. I still love fairy tales story likes a kid. well, ignore the pain in life make my day. I just want a cheerful day. is that so wrong?

I am really sick. sick with everything around me. sick to think why so many people still love to judge who am I? who are you? is that who am I, really important to you? sorry. mistakes is just history and I learned from it.

too many people said to me, past is past dear. but they never know the pain that I bring inside me. deep in my heart. even, I fake my smile. even, I look like I don't mind. but the reality is opposite.

I don't want much in my life. I just want to be me. I just want to cheer myself and spread love to others. if you hate me, it is up to you. you are free to do so.

this is my day. not your day. if you have problem with me, that your own problem. not mine. for I know, stop it. step away from my life. I don't need haters, I just need people whose I can love sincerely.



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  1. juz ignore those haters..kadang2 kita memang tak dapat nak puaskan hati semua orang beb.

    1. yes. I will. terima kasih untuk nasihat.

  2. follow u #65.follow balik taw? TQ