Selasa, 26 Mei 2015

Don't Underestimate Me

please don't underestimate me. I hate to accept it. don't treat me like that. seriously, I feel I want to cry when another person do that to me. why? why always me?

sometimes, when I speak out...I just see something in others people eyes. something that what they want to say "stop it. we don't want to hear it. never." because they always treat me that I am the most stupid person in the class. such as I am really brainless person. I always try to stop me from go away. went out from that situation because it really hurt me deep inside. without no one realise that. this is because I just ignore it. say to myself, it is okay if no one know who am I. how critical am I about any topic. no one know. even my sister always say that "why you love to ask stupid question?" and then ask me..."please think first before ask anything"... but from time fly over and over, I still love do it. sorry my sister. I know you love me and don't want me to be laugh by anyone. that your point and now, I understand it.

from day by days, I learn that people are cruel. not just for me. for anything that they think over limit. they don't want other people have more from them. they want to take anything for themselves. selfish? yes. totally it is right.

as a simple person, that why I am being treat like this. others underestimate my ability. because they cannot understand. but lastly, they will know.

I will let time show everything. I don't waste my time anymore only to think why others love underestimate me. confess to me if you dare. because I not stupid. I have my brain. that ability is more powerful than computers in the world.

now, it is up to you. if you still want to underestimate me, then do it. I don't mind. but, if someday you feel sorry, just...I hope you feel sorry for yourself for entire of your life. your small thinking view make you look stupid after all. you underestimate me because you cannot be like me.

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