Ahad, 2 November 2014

Life must go on

Life must go on. So stop being cling on past. Nothing can change it. So I want to let it go from now on. I will stop from being sentimental; keep almost everything because I am so worry that I will miss the past moment and being ignored.
I know I learn everything in my life from mistake which happen in the past. I really appreciate it. Thank you for experience. Your value is more valuable than a mountain of gold. You teach me about what we call “LIFE”. You also keep telling me the worth of family and friendship.
As a conclusion, life must go on. Now is the right time to change. Currently, I understand. Past is past. As a guide to think before act to avoid repeat same mistake. Future is still on dream, therefore to achieve my highest star on the future, even how much it will cost me; I should start take action from this moment.

To my dearest family & friends
Please, appreciate your life because whether your life is meaningful or meaningless, it is totally on your choice.

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