Rabu, 5 November 2014

Libster Award #6 by Qyya

thanks Qyya

 Give 5 random fact about you
1. clumsy
2. love reading & writing so much
3. introvert
4. a good planner but worst worker
5. take time to make friends :(

 Did you ever had any embarrassing moment . What was it.?
yes. when i went out with my sister to market, then someone called me aunty because of my dress. 
 What annoy you the most .
stupid and arrogant friend
 What is the most thing you want to get on your birthday.
pink bicycle 

 Do you have any allergy? What is it.
Yes. Seafood
 Close your eyes for a while and write whatever things that pass on your mind with closed eyes down here.
my family
 If you are destined to be a fiction novelist, what is the tittle of your first novel?
a planet of bookworm
 I once smashed a boy on his cheek using my bare hand until he cried when I was 10. True or lie ? If it 's true why do you think I did that?
true. because he make you annoy 
 Have you experienced trauma.? What trauma. 
i never experienced trauma
 When is the last time you cry.
a month ago
 What type of shoes you love the most? Wedges? Sneakers? Flats?or what ?

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  1. Thanks jawab.. Sepp sikit sebab kita sama alergic dengan seafood..