Khamis, 25 Disember 2014

This is ME and this is REAL

  •        What I want most out of life is travel around the world, see the live
  •         The people who are most important to me is my family
  •        I like being around people who are intelligent, brave and strict
  •        I feel good about myself when I’m better than others
  •        I am interested most in reading and writing
  •        The biggest mistake I ever made was went out from SMK KUBANG BEMBAN
  •        I would be happy if I can fulfill other dream and lead the world
  •        One things I would like to change about me is appearance/look
  •       One thing I would like to change in my life is my education level
  •        One thing I would like to change about the world is social inequalities
  •        One goal that I achieve is being university student
  •        One goal that I didn't accomplish was being STPM 2012 best student
  •        I am happiest when I get what I want
  •        I feel sad when being ignored and alone
  •        I get angry when somebody involve and broke my plans
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