Ahad, 12 Oktober 2014

Educate myself to help people

There is a long journey I should face. Hope that I will be ‘somebody’ in the future. I really want to help other. But, it will be just a dream if I not further my study till I get PhD. Nowadays what we need to success not strength, but knowledge. Even want to be a hawker in night market. My parents always tell that. No matter how hard it is. Get your education as far as you can. That why I am so proud being their daughter. They will give anything to see my success. I love their perspective and way they teach my siblings and me about education and reality of life.


I not had born in silver spoon. I am from a working class family. My parents work so hard to raise me. I never feel what we call poverty because my parents teach me well how to handle money since I was young. Yet, I can still get what I dream for.

Someone has asked me. Why I am so ambitious? How come if my dream never get to be true?

I just want to smile and say ‘I put my dream as high as possible because if I cannot get a highest star, I will get others star. It stills a star no matter what. ’

Why I want to get PhD so desperately? I want to be same level as Israeli. It does not mean I admire them so much. I am so sad. They had foolish us since a century or more ago. But we still keep smile and say they deserve it. Maybe they deserve it because they had a lot of hard work.

I really need educate myself. I educate myself to help people. I want to open their mind. I wish to change about everything in this world. I hope that this world will be a better place for everyone. Maybe, I am too realistic. However, this is my dream. I will achieve it someday and when that moment comes, please sincere hug and smile to me.


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