Ahad, 23 Februari 2014


1.      turn off as much as possible

2.      read a lot of books to your children

3.      nature, nature, nature

4.      pay close attention to your senses & those of your children

5.      hand, feet & whole body

þ  running, jumping, climbing, jump-rope

þ  cooking, baking bread, paper-folding, string games

þ  finger games, painting, drawing, colouring

þ  cuddle

þ  play with talk, smile, hug…reach & touch

þ  block , toys, coloured paper

þ  sing, play music

þ  counting game

þ  play peek-a-boo

1.      set TV in bad location

2.      no TV in bedroom

3.      off…dinner

4.      ½ @ 1 hour a day

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